Young Poong Corporation 永丰 YP


       Young Poong Corporation是一家主要从事电子元件生产和销售业务的韩国公司。该公司与子公司一起通过四个业务部门运营。电子元件部门制造和销售电子产品,如柔性印刷电路板(FPCB)。冶炼部门制造和销售用于化肥和农用化学品的锌和硫酸。此外,冶炼部门从事房地产租赁业务。半导体部门制造和销售存储器、电信设备和个人电脑(PC)。商品中间部门提供电子设备。

Greeting from the Chief Executive Officer

We’re Young Poong, the company creating the future with customers,We’ve been a cornerstone in the dynamic Korean.

Becoming a Global leader with “Adventure, Challenge & Overcome.”

Since we started the mass production of FPCB in 1990, which is flexible printed circuit boards, for the first time in Korea, we have continued distinguished growth every year. Now, Young Poong Electronics Co., Ltd. is recognized as the most prominentmaker in the world.

In this digital era of the 21st century, business paradigms are fundamentally and increasingly changing, and only No.1 corporations can keep themselves afloat. As such, global competition has never been so intense. We are determined to take advantage of such changes as an opportunity for success and innovation, and strive to become a world-class corporation with superior digital leadership.

Young Poong philosophy, values and business principles as we seek to make sustainability an integral part of who we are. And as we consistently communicate with our employees, partners, local communicates, and other stakeholders, we will be making every effort to live up to our responsibilities as a leading global company.

The key points of our management philosophy are a customer-oriented mindset, clear and open lines of communication and swift responses to the concerns of our stakeholders.

Going forward, We will remain committed to strengthening our customer base by optimizing worldwide manufacturing facilities, horning our technical edge and ensuring that we retain the most talented employees in the FPCB industry.

We promises to enrich people’s FPCB manufacturing experiences with superior FPCB products. There is no limit to where our innovative technologies can take us and I hope you will join us on this exciting journey.


CEO Champ Shin




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